• May 2, 2021

When was the last time you thought about your air ducts and whether or not they were clean enough? Most people never bother to get their air ducts cleaned in a timely manner. But over the years, these ducts start to collect not just dust, but insects, debris, and even pests like gnawers and mold. Besides simply blowing all of those pollutants into your home every time you turn on your HVAC system, these elements can start to clog up your vents, and making them less efficient. This means you’ll have to reimburse more to cool or heat your building.

 How often should these ducts be cleaned?
Even if your ducts have the best filters, your ducts are going to collect waste. There will be small particles that escape through the filter or enter the duct vents through other means.

Don’t think that because you have a filter in your system your ducts do not need any cleaning from time to time. Especially in an area that has high pollution, surrounded by construction sites, or is particularly windy or dusty, your ducts are going to collect these small particles that are going to clog them up or, at the very least, reduce the air quality in your house when you turn on your HVAC system.

On average, a duct system needs to be cleaned every one to three years. If your duct system is properly maintained and you exchange your filters twice a year, it would definitely increase the time between professional cleanings.

If your duct vents have never been cleaned and have been operational on your property for more than two to three years, it is likely due for a cleaning. Even just a single season can build up enough dust particles and debris in the vents to make it less efficient than it was when it was first installed.

When should I get my air ducts cleaned?
HVAC duct cleaning does not take long, for example, replacing your entire system, but you will still want to sideways time during a season when you are likely not going to need your system so that there is enough time for the duct cleaning company Rockville Air Duct Cleaning to fully clean your ducts before you need to use your HVAC.

Do you know that the best time to have your ducts cleaned is either in the spring or in the early fall after you have stopped using your HVAC system to cool or heat your home and before you need to start using it?

You may have likely experienced that dusty or musty smell when you turn on your HVAC system. This smell might clear up after a few minutes, but this is a big indication that it is time to have your ducts professionally cleaned with HVAC duct cleaning services, Rockville Air Duct Cleaning. This smell surely means that there is dust and debris in your duct vents that are being blown into your rooms along with the cold or hot air from the HVAC system and may trouble your family and loved ones.

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