• Jul 2, 2021

The comfort of a beautiful home is suggestively affected by indoor air quality. The presence of dust particles, pollen, mold spores, and insect droppings can cause reactions, even to the strongest people. Regular air duct cleaning is one best way to improve the overall air quality in your home. Usually, it is difficult for people to know when they should get their air ducts cleaned or they tend to ignore the need of it, today, we will share some common sign that tells you to get your Air Duct Cleaned:

  1. Vents & ducts are blocked with debris and dust

Perhaps a clear sign is, the presence of a small puff of dust as the HVAC system starts running. Usually, air ducts do not release visible dust or debris when the cooling and heating system is switched on, and the air starts flowing through the ducts. Therefore, visible dust evidently signifies dusty air registers and asks for duct cleaning.

  1. The air filters become clogged

If you have to switch out filters in your heating and cooling system on a regular basis, this could be a warning of a deeper problem. This confirms that your filters should be changed periodically. However, they shouldn’t be getting choked after a few days of replacing. If they still do so, this is a signal that you need to check on the air ducts.

Similarly, it is suggested that you change your air filter after a couple of months. Note that the filters attract dust, debris, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne pollutants during summer and other seasons. Call professional and affordable air duct cleaning Rockville MD.

  1. Unpleasant odour from ducts

Another tell-tale sign of the existence of debris in the system and that you should conduct thoughtful ventilation system cleaning is odour. If you experience an unfriendly smell in your home and can’t find the source, it could be originating from the air duct system. You should get up close to all the air registers for a clear sniff to verify these doubts. You can also have a technician examine the air ducts for anything that could be emitting a bad smell.

  1. Mold & mildew present inside or outside your HVAC system

The dust has major effects on your health, but mold is worse. Mold and mildew just not exacerbate allergies & respiratory conditions but also spread rapidly in the house. Therefore, take prompt action if you notice mold around vent covers & air conditioning units. Apart from cleaning out HVAC ducts with mold, technicians may suggest you invest in a home dehumidifier since mold and mildew grow in damp areas.

  1. Poor or unstable airflow in the house

The quickest way to know that your air ducts should be cleaned is erratic airflow in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even kitchen. Indoor airflow should be of a similar quality since vents deliver consistent airflow. If this isn’t the case, have a professional air duct cleaning service in Rockville visit your place to ensure that all vents have clean ductwork.

  1. Rodents, Insects, and other vermin infestation in your air ducts

Pest swarms in your home are another sign that you must clean your ducts. Why is air duct cleaning essential after pest infestation? Well, this is done to avoid the spread of allergens and other disease-causing microbes. Insect droppings, vermin dander, bacteria, and viruses can cause serious health problems.

  1. Your home becomes dusty very quickly

Nobody likes any dusting activities. This becomes even serious if you incessantly find dust and dirt in your home even after proper cleaning. This indicates that a significant amount of dust is being absorbed into the surfaces, most likely from the HVAC system only.

  1. Your cooling and/or heating costs are higher than usual

Regardless of the season, the heating and cooling bills should be predictable every single year. If you notice your bills are on the upsurge compared to some months before, your home systems could be at fault. In situations where the ductwork is jammed so that air cannot flow with ease from the heating and cooling system, the furnace and air conditioner will have to use extra energy to maintain the set temperatures at the thermostat. This extra energy directly converts to increased bills. In such situations, furnace ductwork cleaning becomes essential.

  1. Unusual and Strange noises in the ductwork

If you have been living in your home for a few years now, you definitely have a clear idea of how the HVAC system sounds when operational. Whereas it can be problematic to realize, your ductwork shouldn’t make a lot of sounds. If you experience anything more than the general motor sound, your ducts could be experiencing some snags.

  1. No records of prior air duct cleaning

If you stay in an old home with no memory of when the air duct was last cleaned, find an Air Duct Cleaning Services to inspect and clean the air duct. The system may not show any signs that it needs cleaning but definitely has collected dust over the period it has been in use.

  1. Your beautiful home was just built or has undergone a major repair

Construction work is certainly messy. Even if the contractors perceive maximum cleaning or close up the areas that were under reformation to prevent other parts of the home from untidy construction activities, dirt, dust, and debris always find their way in. Unless the HVAC systems are off or totally covered during the renovations, be sure that dust and dirt will have been slurped up into the ductwork. Therefore, you should consider calling Rockville Air Duct Cleaning Services to clean your air ducts after any renovations.

Most homeowners know that duct cleaning is imperative. However, most have the shared question, how do you realize if your air ducts need to be cleaned? Well, there you have it. Engage the services of a professional Rockville house cleaning service if you witness any of the above-mentioned signs, call us now on 800-969-8820.