• Dec 8, 2021

There are various carpet cleaning methods, and you might have heard of steam cleaning, which is easily the most common professional carpet cleaning method. However, many homeowners are unaware that shampooing isn’t always the best way to clean their carpets and have more carpet cleaning alternatives than ever before. Some carpet cleaning techniques include light and affordable rug cleaning, while others are ideal for removing stubborn stains and hidden dirt.

Hence, in this post, we will discuss different types of carpet Cleaning Methods used by professionals:

1. Carpet shampooing

It is one of the oldest carpet cleaning processes, but it is still widely utilized, particularly in the commercial sector. Carpets that get a lot of foot traffic yet need to look clean are beneficial for industries like the hospitality sector.

A rotating floor machine is used to brush a cleaning shampoo, a foamy chemical material, into the carpet. Foam is blown into the rug by stiff bristles.

This method isn’t as gentle as steam cleaning and isn’t recommended for carpets with fragile fibers. Instead, a wet vacuum removes the foam once it has dried, which might take a long time. In addition, a sticky residue can be left on the carpet, causing it to be damaged and attracting dirt more quickly.


2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

The majority of consumers prefer the dry carpet cleaning method. It is advantageous since it requires little to no downtime because the carpet does not need to dry for as long as other procedures need.

This carpet cleaning method is usually completed using a particular cleaning powder. It’s sprinkled throughout the carpet, and it’ll begin to accumulate dirt on its own. A vacuum then vacuums it after it has rested on the rug for an adequate time to soak, leaving the carpet looking completely new.

Several Carpet Cleaning Services near you have tweaked this approach using alternative cleansers, such as oxygenated cleaners. This procedure also works well because, while the carpet is only wet for a short time, the oxygenated bubbles remove dirt from the carpet’s base, allowing it to be cleaned even more efficiently.


3. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is an interim-maintenance carpet cleaning method typically used in commercial cleaning situations. It is considered a low-moisture cleaning system. It is not intended to be highly successful, given the high volume of traffic that commercial buildings already experience.

Nevertheless, this carpet cleaning method will generally keep the carpets looking clean and fresh, even if some dirt and dust are beneath the surface. First, the rug is treated with a chemical detergent before working over with a rotary machine equipped with an absorbent pad.


4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning involves washing your floors with evaporated water. Steam is a material spread or released into the air in its natural condition, predominantly liquid or solid. The water was heated at first to a specific temperature. It is then applied using a vacuum cleaner.

When steam comes into contact with the fiber, it helps to break up dirt and clean effectively. The best method of cleaning carpets is usually steam cleaning because it removes over 90% of dirt and bacteria from carpeting.

It’s then utilized to gather dry steam, dirt, and other odors. You can look for the best carpet steam cleaner available in the market or carpet steam cleaning service in Rockville for the best results.

Each year, pollutants found in the fibers of rugs and carpets make millions of Americans sick. As a result, cleaning rugs and carpets is critical to ensuring a healthy home environment for your family.

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