• Feb 2, 2022

A common myth surrounding the carpet is the ‘allergy effect’ that it may be the root of the allergy in your home. Sometimes customers say they do not want carpets in the house because they are incredibly subtle and allergic to them.

But is it true? If not, what are they allergic to?

An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system sees a substance as harmful and overreacts.

The symptoms are an allergic reaction, and the substances that cause allergic reactions are allergens. Allergens can get into your body in many ways to cause an allergic reaction.

Synthetic carpets, which outnumber sales of wool carpets pointedly, do not provide a food basis for biological growth; however, airborne biologicals can collect on these exteriors, as they can do on any flooring top.

The problem in the home is the scarce cleaning techniques that are used:
  • Contaminated cotton-type mops.
  • If mops are not dried and disinfected correctly from time to time after use, then hard surfaces could contain higher levels of biological contaminates.
  • Ineffective and improper maintenance procedures.
  • Cleaning carpets only when they ‘look dirty.’

Another step to reduce carpet allergy is to have it professionally cleaned with steam or dry cleaning every six months. Ensure it dries afterward so the dampness won’t attract mold or mites.

Allergens can cause severe allergies, i.e., Runny nose, Congestion, Sneezing, Red and itchy eyes. Allergens settle down on the flooring and are only released into the air with the movement and shambling of feet.

It is thought-provoking to know that studies have revealed that lint, dust, and other dirt are held down in a carpet until they are deep vacuumed, while the same does not apply to hard surfaces where they can be jolted up and become airborne.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that there are more allergens on surfaces than in the air, but the organization adds that the slightest movement can disturb them.

That means that whenever you sit on that shag carpet, you send all those allergens airborne where they can circulate for several hours.

In summary, it is worthwhile to deep vacuum your carpet at regular intervals. It has them professionally cleaned every 8-12 months to keep them looking beautiful and extend their overall life.

Closing words by Rockville Air Duct Cleaning

You never know when the comfort-providing carpets become overly dirty and trigger your allergies. So, it would be better to schedule yearly carpet inspections to ensure safety.

Carpet is a virtual magnet for allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and other potentially aggravating proteins.

Allergens are antigens, typically proteins, that provoke allergic reactions like coughing and sneezing in people with hypersensitive immune systems.

Now that we have explored how dirty carpets can trigger allergies. It’s time you call the professionals of Rockville Air Duct Cleaning and trust us to get the best cleaning services.

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