• Dec 29, 2021

Are you tired of looking for ways to clean a dryer duct? A Dryer Duct is a smooth metal pipe coupled with the dryer and lets out to the top of that space, and cleaning it can be complicated at times. When a dryer duct is used, it creates moisture and moves along. This moisture must get evaporated to enhance the performance of the machine.

Therefore, duct cleaning is necessary for the dryer. And installing this to the roof with a booster fan will boost the machine’s efficiency.

Dryer Duct Maintenance

A well-maintained unit will be at its best use at several intervals. The ducts are to be cleaned and checked frequently depending on the usage of the dryer. If the usage is more for a big family, then maintenance is suggested once every three months.

Otherwise, one should generally clean a dryer duct once every six months.

Clean a Dryer Duct:

Now comes how to clean a dryer duct on your own at home? For a DIY method, a vacuum cleaner is a must to have. You need to make sure to have considered all safety measures before planning Duct cleaning from the roof.

The must-have list includes but not limited to are – a partner, a helmet, soft-soled shoes which will enable you to stand and walk on the roof, and a safety harness as an extra safety measure—a few simple tools like screwdrivers, scissors, ana d a ladder.

Method 1 ~

If you are trying to start cleaning it from the floor, ensure the vacuum is in the blower mode and not suction mode. Connect the extension and blow out warm air so that all the moisture comes out and the dust gets puffed out of the roof. This indeed sounds like an easy cleaning task.

Method 2 ~

If you try to clean a dryer duct from the roof, unscrew the bent vent first. Now, remove the top guard part of the duct and enclose the vacuum hose with an extension.

Once this is done, set the vacuum to suction mode & suck out the moisture, dirt, and grit. Before fitting the top guard of the duct, make sure to flake off the mesh of the guard and ensure that no clog is formed.

If you want to clean a dryer duct, you can use a duct brush to clean the top guard so as not to erode its internal coating. You will also find a duct cleaner brush in the market to make your cleaning experience better.

This will surely ease the process of removing grit and lint on the interior and exterior. Now fix the mesh back and secure it. Finally, tighten the duct top guard in its place with the screws.

Please do make sure to have a support member while following the second method. Now, ground the ladder on a plane surface and confirm that it is placed at an angle of 4:1.

This will make the walk on the ladder smooth and stress-free, such as quickly lifting confidence in walking on a side roof. Please perform this on a clear day to improve indoor air quality.


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