• Jan 19, 2022

The winters are some of the most complicated for Rockville people to endure. Besides cloudy light, seasonal despair, and colder temperatures, house owners also have to worry about frozen pipes.

Unfortunately, frozen Pipes is a common incidence during the winter months, especially if you live in areas with susceptible temperature.

Rockville Air Duct Cleaning would like to dive into the topic of pipes freezing and address the situation. We have a better understanding of this topic and know how to handle it to help you save money, time, and damages to your property.

Today we would love to go over what you should do when you have frozen pipes at your property. 

Reasons for Pipes Freeze?

Frozen pipe issue mainly occurs during the winter when the temperature is killing everyone at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Pipes are usually protected from outside temperatures to a certain level.

However, your pipes may experience freezing once the outdoor temperatures reach below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Windchill also plays an essential role in this situation.

But, again, it’s a result of the low outside temperature. This means that, unfortunately, this situation may still occur if your pipes are new.

Do pipe freezes in minutes?

Usually, it would take 6-8 hours for the pipes to freeze and may cause massive issues. Pipe freezing may also impact the life of the line.

During low temperatures, you need to be careful with the pipes as they may freeze overnight without you knowing.

How would you know if you have frozen pipes?

A frozen pipe can be noticed somewhat effortlessly if you try a nozzle. The lines may be frozen if you experience low or no pressure in the water flow. You may try inspecting the pipes yourself or hire a professional Water Damage Restoration company to assist. 

If you see flooding or standing water, that’s an obvious way to discover a burst or frozen pipes. You may be able to find DIY measures to unfreeze the lines by yourself; however, it is recommended to seek professional help to be safe.

It would also prevent the chances of having Mold in the wall. It’s not compulsory that frozen pipes would always burst.

Allowing the ice to thaw can have challenging and tragic results. In this instance, you should contact a water damage restoration company for assistance.

Professionals can help safely thaw your pipes & also ensure there are no hidden leaks.

What to Do When Pipes Freeze?

It is a nightmare to have frozen pipes bursting for any house owner or commercial property. Unfortunately, waking up with standing/flooded water or frozen pipes can happen overnight and with anyone.

The best way to overcome this scene is by hiring a professional water damage restoration company near me at 800-969-8820.

You can try to follow DIY measures, but as we’ve stated, that can be challenging and may damage your property.

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