• Jul 15, 2022

While running your air conditioner will cool your home, it consumes a lot of energy, leading to higher electricity bills. Yet not using the air conditioner isn’t practical.

Here, in this blog, we discuss how an air conditioner impacts your electricity bill, which helps you lower your electricity bill to keep yourself and your wallet happy in the summer heat.

1. Failing body parts

How does an air system impact your energy bill?


Failing motors, compressors, and capacitors will increase the energy requirement of your air conditioner. So, your electricity bill increases. Therefore, they need to be inspected regularly.

A clean air filter can improve energy efficiency and help you avoid a costly air conditioning repair. 

2. Duct leaks

Your ductwork distributes air throughout your home; it plays a significant role in the efficiency of your system because it delivers the desired results of your air conditioner.

A duct leak reduces your system’s ability to distribute air and satisfy your thermostat. In addition, if your air conditioner takes a long time to help your thermostat, it will run longer and cause high electricity bills.

3. Forgetting to change the air filter

Changing your air filter is beneficial to the health of your HVAC system. However, a dirty air filter affects IAQ and makes it difficult for your HVAC system to circulate conditioned air through your home.

It increases electricity bills and makes your system work harder than it should. On the other hand, air filters are pretty easy to change, and replacing them will give you effective results. If you have a smart thermostat, it’ll send you an alert sign when it’s time to change your air filter.

4. System failure

When you leave an AC unit’s air filter clogged for too long, you can experience a failure of the entire system. This is because the unit can only work for so long at twice the power before it finally breaks down.

It can cost you a pretty penny for repairs and potentially thousands of dollars on high electricity bills.

5. Non-stop usage

Using an air conditioner nonstop throughout the day will put a lot of load on the entire unit and its components. Instead, turn off your AC unit when not in the room or when the room has cooled enough.

When you turn it on next, it will give a break to the unit and prepare it for running effectively. Of course, it will also reduce your utility bill. 

6. Damaged thermostat wiring

How does an air system impact your energy bill?


It isn’t common, but if there is faulty wiring in your HVAC system, it will cause the heating and cooling systems to run simultaneously.

That means you will not only draw twice as much as the required power, but both the systems may run almost continuously as they compete to achieve the designated temperature.

It mostly happens when people DIY their new thermostat installation.

Final words

Air filters serve the critical function of keeping the indoor environment fresh and healthy for everyone, but those filters can also cause health and financial problems unless they are changed in time.

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